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Addiction Resource Guide Brings Hope To Summit County

Posted by ADM Board Monday, March 13, 2017 3:21:00 PM

The addiction epidemic has been front-page news in Summit County month after month. Touching all segments of our  community, this issue is a heartbreaking one. But there is hope. Recovery is happening in our community, thanks to the efforts of individuals and organizations who are stepping up for the fight of their lives. The County of Summit ADM Board, Community Partners and Akron Life magazine partnered to develop this guide to highlight recovery services and success stories to fight addiction 

 The ADM Board Addiction Resource Guide (PDF), is designed to educate readers about the disease of addiction and ways to combat it. Divided into multiple sections, the guide provides detailed information on prevention programs in our schools, safe methods for disposing of unwanted medications, tools for families to start conversations about addiction, and resources for those ready to seek help. The ADM Addiction Hotline is featured as an effective new service to connect people ready to face their addiction with the support and treatment they need. Also included in the guide are inspiring stories of neighbors who have battled addiction and won, shining a light on the hope and possibility of an end to this tragic epidemic.


Guide book cover

"We are pleased to provide this important resource to our community to help enhance understanding about addiction as a disease, local treatments and support, and what each of us can do to help end the opiate/heroin epidemic,” says Jerry Craig, Executive Director, County of Summit ADM Board. “We feel that this guide will be beneficial in helping those in need connect with resources, and [we] ask that readers help us spread the message of hope by passing this guide along to those who may need to know where to look for support, services and encouragement. We are deeply grateful to Cleveland Clinic Akron General, the FirstEnergy Corporation and Akron Children's Hospital for their financial support of this project."

Support for recovery and for this guide extends beyond the medical arena and into the very fabric of the Greater Akron business community. "Addiction treatment and recovery resources have never been more necessary or important," says Dee Lowery, President of the FirstEnergy Foundation.  "We are pleased to provide support to combat addiction and its toll on so many lives and families."

Copies of the Addiction Resource Guide are available for download on the ADM Board website: The guide can also be found at the ADM Board office, 1867 W. Market St., Suite B2, Akron, 44313, and through many of its provider organizations. It is also available with the March 2017 issue of AkronLife magazine on local newsstands. 


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