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About the ADM Board

The County of Summit ADM Board provides a client-centered path to recovery by ensuring that treatment, prevention, and support services are available when individuals and families need it in our community.

Recovery Starts Here

The County of Summit ADM Board is responsible for planning, funding, monitoring and evaluating treatment, prevention and support services for people who experience alcoholism, drug addiction and/or mental illness. The ADM Board does not provide any direct service, but contracts with local agencies to provide quality, affordable services for people at critical times in their lives. The ADM Board system of services provides opportunities for recovery and hope for a better life.

Alcoholism, drug addiction and mental illness are real medical conditions that can affect anyone. Effective treatments are available and people do recover. One in four families experiences either a mental health or substance abuse problem. Summit County residents have a rich array of services and supports available to them through the ADM Board system.

The ADM Board of Directors is comprised of 14 community volunteers who provide leadership in policy formation and fund allocation. They, along with ADM Board staff, assess community needs, plan, and manage public resources in order to provide essential services.

Read our 2023 Community Assessment & Plan (PDF) 

In addition, we are grateful for strong support from our community. About 77% of the ADM Board’s system resources come from the property tax levy approved by Summit County voters. Through this strong local support, the ADM Board helps thousands of uninsured or underinsured people get the help they need to achieve and sustain their recovery. In addition, the Board partners with local communities to provide education and prevention programming aimed at helping individuals develop the knowledge and skills necessary to lessen the impact and likelihood of developing a mental health and/or substance use disorder. Every community has benefited from an ADM Board funded agency or program.

In order to ensure that funding requests align with identified system needs and fund availability, the ADM Board does not accept unsolicited requests for funding. Instead, the ADM Board utilizes a Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

Social Media Policy

View our social media policy (PDF)

Public Records Policy Statement

Please be advised that the County of Summit ADM Board is a political subdivision of the State of Ohio and abides by Ohio’s Open Records and Meetings Laws. All persons requesting permission to inspect public records held by the County of Summit ADM Board should make the request to the Executive Director, Aimee Wade at
The Records Retention Schedule (RC-2) lists the records created and maintained by the County of Summit ADM Board. The RC-2 is approved by the Summit County Records Commission per the Ohio Revised Code, and then approved by both the Ohio Historical Society and the State Auditor’s Office. Please also be advised that all resumes and application materials obtained by the ADM Board in the staff hiring and/or Board member appointment processes are subject to
public record requests. 
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