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Early Childhood

Research has demonstrated that there are effective strategies to promote healthy development, enhance social and emotional well-being, and prevent and reduce a host of behavioral health problems. 

The ADM Board funds these two programs provided by Child Guidance & Family Solutions as examples of early intervention and prevention efforts aimed at giving our youth the best possible start in life.

Incredible Years

The Incredible Years® program is designed for children from birth to 6 years of age and their parents or guardians. The award-winning parent, teacher, and child social skills training programs, developed by Carolyn Webster-Stratton, help ensure that parents and infants form strong bonds, help parents learn and practice parenting skills and helps toddlers and preschoolers with early onset conduct problems. View Incredible Years Parents and Babies Program Objectives (PDF).

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Results: The Incredible Years Program partnered with the Summit Educational Center and four preschool centers, and is currently providing services to 60 children and 14 teachers to build social skills and strengthen bonds between parents, teachers and children.

Toddlers and PreSchoolers Succeeding (TAPS)

TAPS serves preschools, childcare centers and Head Start programs by focusing on the emotional and social needs of children from birth until six years of age and those that care for them. The TAPS program prepares children for school and later success by equipping them with the skills to follow directions and stay on task, communicate well, develop positive relationships with other children and adults, and feel good about themselves.

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Results: In daycare centers where TAPS is implemented, there is a remarkable 90 percent decrease in expulsions!  The TAPS program has been launched in 45 daycare centers in Summit County, touching over 3,500 kids.

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