Hoarding Task Force

Our goal is to build and sustain a collaborative response to hoarding issues in Summit County by focusing on community awareness, education, professional training, and referrals to services and treatments.

Summit County's Hub for Hoarding & Clutter Information


The Hoarding Task Force (HTF) is comprised of 30 public and private agencies throughout Summit County. 

  • An estimated 20,000 residents of Summit County struggle with excessive clutter or hoarding
  • HTF offers education, consultation, and referrals to community resources

  • If you would like assistance with cluttering issues, or are seeking help for a family member, neighbor or loved one, contact: clutterhelp@admboard.org or (330)-762-3500 (ask for the Hoarding Coordinator)

Persons with hoarding problems may:

  • Buy or acquire items excessively
  • Have persistent difficulty selling, donating, giving away or discarding items, leading to clutter
  • Become anxious, distressed or even traumatized when trying to reduce clutter
  • Become more socially isolated over time because of clutter and/or embarrassment
  • Live in unsafe conditions (tripping and fire hazards, pest infestation, disrupted utilities, etc.)

Source: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/hoarding-disorder/symptoms-causes/syc-20356056

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