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Hoarding Task Force

Our goal is to build and sustain a collaborative response to hoarding issues in Summit County by focusing on community awareness, education, professional training, and referrals to services and treatments.

Summit County's Hub for Hoarding & Clutter Information

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The Hoarding Task Force (HTF) is comprised of 30 public and private agencies throughout Summit County. 

  • An estimated 20,000 residents of Summit County struggle with excessive clutter or hoarding
  • HTF offers education, consultation, and referrals to community resources

  • If you would like assistance with cluttering issues, or are seeking help for a family member, neighbor or loved one, contact: or (330)-762-3500 (ask for the Hoarding Coordinator)

Persons with hoarding problems may:

  • Buy or acquire items excessively
  • Have persistent difficulty selling, donating, giving away or discarding items, leading to clutter
  • Become anxious, distressed or even traumatized when trying to reduce clutter
  • Become more socially isolated over time because of clutter and/or embarrassment
  • Live in unsafe conditions (tripping and fire hazards, pest infestation, disrupted utilities, etc.)


Introduction to Clutter and Hoarding Training

This video will help clinicians and those who are working with individuals who have problem hoarding situations. The training outlines the criteria for hoarding, signs of hoarding, contributing factors that influence hoarding, treatment and resources.

Thinking you or a loved one needs some help with hoarding disorder? Check out this radio interview with psychiatrist Dr. Scott Borkenhagen with Marshfield Clinic, and Marilyn Tomfohrde, chronic disorganization specialist with New Life Organizing, discussing the signs and symptoms of hoarding disorder, risk factors to consider, when to bring in a health care provider and how to get help for yourself or a loved one struggling with this increasingly common condition.

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