Contract Agencies

The ADM Board provides certain benefits to those receiving program services. To find more information, see the Member Benefit Plan Information brochure. The ADM Board HIPAA Notice is available here.

What if I am not happy with my service? Network providers try to ensure that you are well served, but sometimes you or your family may feel that your needs and concerns are not being addressed properly. Here are the Client Rights and Grievance Procedures for mental health and addiction services.

PROVIDERS:  Click here for the most recent edition (updated 3/27/17) of the SFY2018 Funding Application FAQs. Please note that Funding Applications are no longer being accepted for SFY2018.  


15 Frederick Avenue
Akron, OH 44310

The ADM Crisis Center offers a 24-hour Detox Unit for addiction and detoxification services in the heart of Akron, acts as Central Assessment for ADM services across Summit County, and provides a Drop-In Center.
24-hour Crisis Services: 330-996-7730. Located across from St. Thomas Hospital, the ADM Crisis Center is operated by Oriana House with funding provided by the County of Summit ADM Board. Visit Website

Akron–Urban Minority Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Outreach Program (UMADAOP), Inc.

665 W. Market St. - #2D
Akron, OH 44303

Akron UMADAOP, Inc. provides substance abuse and violence prevention programs, mentoring/advocacy programs, in-school and after school programs, HIV/AIDS prevention and summer youth prevention programming for Summit County residents throughout their Community and Education Services Department. Their Clinical Services Department provides Alcohol and other drug treatment services, which include assessments, individual and group counseling, intensive outpatient and case management to Summit County residents. The agency also provides re-entry programming to offenders reintegrating into our community from the state prison system, the Teens Resisting Unhealthy Choice Everyday (TRUCE) Program for young women referred through Summit County Juvenile Court; and recovery supports through its affiliation as an Access to Recovery (ATR) provider. Visit Website

Asian Services in Action, Inc. (ASIA)

730 Carroll Street
Akron, OH 44304

ASIA’s mission is to empower and advocate for Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders (AAPIs); and to provide AAPIs access to quality culturally, and linguistically appropriate information and services, Visit Website

Blick Center

640 W. Market St.
Akron, OH 44303

Blick Center is a free-standing outpatient clinic providing mental health diagnostic and treatment services to children, adolescents, and adults with disabilities and or acute physical, emotional or behavioral needs. Their principal places of business are 640 and 682 West Market Street, Akron. Primary responsibilities within the ADM system include treatment (CPST), partial hospitalization, pharmacological management, occupational therapy, consultation services and residential services. The Clinic uses ADM Board funds to serve individual with disabilities who are experiencing emotional or behavioral problems and are at risk for hospitalization, institutionalization or more restrictive vocational/residential placement. Visit Website

Catholic Charities Community Services/Summit County

812 Biruta St.
Akron, OH 44307

Catholic Charities Community Services of Summit County addresses the societal needs of children & families, persons with disabilities, older adults, and the poor. Our broad spectrum of services help people grow and thrive in their youth, all the way through the late stages of life. We help keep the hungry fed and the developmentally disabled as functioning members of society. We counsel families and individuals and assist the growing Hispanic population in Summit County. Visit Website

Child Guidance & Family Solutions

18 North Forge Street
Akron, OH 44304

Child Guidance & Family Solutions provides a safe, caring & supportive environment to help children or teens overcome the challenges they face and to help strengthen the family in the process. As a medical sub-specialty practice, CG&FS professional staff includes child psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, counselors, nurse practitioners, and social workers to ensure that a full spectrum of services are available to wrap-around the child and family.

Staff provides services to children within seven public school districts and at over 30 preschools throughout Summit County. We provide services and support with clinicians on-site in pediatric medical facilities, primary care facilities and other community locations to ensure that the child’s health is supported holistically, integrating physical and mental healthcare. We offer crisis services 24-7-365 to ensure that our children and families who find themselves in an emergency have somewhere to turn for help. Visit Website

Choices Social Community Center

320 E. South St.
Akron, OH 44311
330-762-8151 x22

CHOICES Social Center is a consumer operated service. They provide a recovery-based, consumer-operated social, recreational, educational, advocacy, and recovery center for adults receiving services and/or living in Summit County. It strives to enhance individual growth and recovery by providing diverse opportunities for members to develop healthy life, leisure, social, recreational and work skills. CHOICES offers job readiness classes and hires work ready persons to acquire job skills and experience. Operated by staff and membership, activities and membership governance are managed by a Member Advisory Council. Visit Website

Coleman Professional Services

Summa St. Thomas Hospital
444 N. Main St. - 4th Floor
Akron, OH 44310

At Coleman, we are committed to fostering recovery, building independence and changing destinies for individuals, families and businesses in our community. Whether seeking services for crisis management, mental and behavioral health, adult care, employment or another concern, we are here to help you. Visit Website

Community Health Center

725 E. Market Street
Akron, OH 44305

Community Health Center provides critical care to those fighting addiction and offers the area’s only program for adolescents (12-18) for safe, medically supervised detox from opiates. Using the treatment plan designed at time of intake, we assist our patients through the recovery process from counseling, medical treatment to housing. The treatment plan becomes the blueprint to our patients’ future success in our programs. Visit Website

Community Support Services

150 Cross St.
Akron, OH 44311

Community Support Services (CSS) is a not for profit corporation designed to provide programs and services to the citizens of Summit County eighteen years of age or older who are struggling with severe and persistent mental illnesses.. Services provided by the agency include: diagnostic assessment, pharmacological management including psychiatry, pharmacy and nursing, individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, partial hospitalization, vocational, supportive employment, residential, self-help/peer support, community education, medical services, and homeless outreach and engagement services. Visit Website

Summit County Sheriff’s D.A.R.E. Program

53 University Avenue
Akron, OH 44308

The Summit County Sheriff's Office's D.A.R.E. program primary focus is to develop the capacities needed to enable students to take charge of their lives with particular emphasis on substance use and abuse. The goals of the curricula, as outlined by the University of Akron's Institute for Health and Social Policy, include but are not limited to:
  • Students will understand the many consequences of using alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, methamphetamines and inhalants on their developing brains and bodies, and engaging in violent behavior
  • Students will examine and understand their own beliefs toward alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
  • Students will develop and use communication and resistance skills
  • Students will make positive quality of life decisions about substance use and avoidance of violence
Visit Website

Shelter Care, Inc.

32 South Avenue
Akron, OH 44278

Shelter Care is a residential treatment program for children between the ages of 6 and 18 who manifest emotional, behavioral, or family adjustment problems. Located in northeastern Ohio, Shelter Care provides a continuum of residential care, from short-term crisis intervention, to intermediate or respite care, as well as long term care in route to independent living.

The short-term care is provided through the Safe Landing Youth Shelters. This program utilizes a professional staff model with qualified persons serving in different capacities on a 24-hour basis. The intermediate and long-term care is provided through a network of respite and shelter homes, housing between 2 to 4 children within a family setting. Visit Website

Summit County Community Partnership

1100 Graham Road Circle
Stow, OH 44224

Summit County Community Partnership’s mission is to facilitate coalitions of community resources in order to prevent alcohol and other drug abuse in Summit County. They use science-based prevention techniques, information, and activities in an attempt to infuse them into every community system.

For the past 25 years, Summit County Community Partnership has worked to bring awareness of substance abuse issues to the forefront with social marketing campaigns, awareness summits and legislative advocacy. Summit County Community Partnership also employs environmental strategies to change the design of neighborhoods to support drug-free lifestyles and to reduce access to alcohol for youth and illegal substances for everyone. Everyone can play a part in creating a healthier, drug-free community. Visit Website

Summit County Public Health

1867 W. Market Street, Suite A
Akron, OH 44313

Summit County Public Health (SCPH) is an official tax supported agency, which serves people of all ages in Summit County. The Akron Health Department (now Summit County Public Health) established the Counseling Services and Alcoholism Division in 1961 and since that date has developed a broad range of prevention and treatment services for adults and adolescents. Treatment services include: full bio psycho social assessments; adult and adolescents outpatient groups, adult intensive outpatient programs, individual counseling; as well as services in juvenile detention.

Prevention Services include information dissemination, Prevention Education, Community-Based Process, for universal, selected and indicated populations. Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drug Education classes for adults and adolescents augment their treatment services. SCPH provides Project DAWN (Deaths Avoided With Naloxone) Clinics in Summit County. Visit Website

Summit Psychological Associates

37 N. Broadway Street
Akron, OH 44305

Summit Psychological Associates, Inc. (SPA) is a private agency founded in 1984. Its mission is to provide the highest quality, cost effective behavioral health care to individuals, couples, families and organizations. They offer general psychiatry services as well as medication assisted opioid treatment and are the primary provider of mental health and psychiatric services in the Summit County Jail.
SPA is CARF accredited in Mental Health Outpatient Treatment for Adults and Adolescents and Case Management/Services Coordination - Mental Health for Adults. SPA is also certified by OhioMHAS in Mental Health, Alcohol and other drug treatment and Community Psychiatric Support Treatment. Visit Website

Tarry House, Inc.

564 Diagonal Road
Akron, OH 44320

Tarry House, Inc., has provided quality mental health services since 1967, operates three facilities and provides 5 programs serving adults with mental illness. Tarry House serves adult men and women residing in Summit County, Ohio, who suffer from severe mental illness. The Tarry House Recovery Home provides 24 supervised residential recovery services that enable mental health consumers to maximize their potential for independent living in the community. Tarry House Respite provides safe, 24 hour supervised short term transitional housing for adults with mental illness. The Belvedere Apartments, opened in 2005, is an 8 unit apartment building to provide permanent supportive housing for adults with mental illness. Community Psychiatric Supportive Services and counseling services are provided to individuals in the community by the Tarry House CPST Team. Visit Website
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