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Summit County behavioral health services update

Posted by ADM Board Monday, March 23, 2020 2:23:00 PM
Date: March 23, 2020
Chrissy Gashash, Manager of Community Relations
Summit County behavioral health services update
ADM Board extending funding to support provider network
SUMMIT COUNTY- The County of Summit Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADM) Board is working in tandem with its provider agencies to ensure continuity of care for our local mental health and addiction system during the COVID-19 crisis. Essential services, including 24-hour crisis services/detox at the ADM Crisis Center and Psychiatric Emergency Services, are open and operating to serve those with a mental health or addiction crisis; residential treatment programs across the community are open and accepting new patients. Outpatient counseling is transitioning to telehealth, and practitioners are working diligently to communicate and connect with their patients on a regular basis so they are aware of any changes. Medication services, such as MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatment) and other pharmacy programs treating those with mental illness will continue; prescribers will be reaching out to patients to advise of any changes and/or special instructions. 
Additionally, this week the ADM Board is pushing out contract funds totaling $9.8 million to stabilize provider cash flow and allow them to maintain essential services to individuals over the coming weeks. “Like many business sectors, behavioral healthcare providers are feeling the impact of COVID-19. Staffing issues, payment delays, supply shortages and changes to programs are likely to have an impact on the bottom line. However, thousands of residents in Summit County depend on our agencies for vital services. This funding will enable our agencies to better weather this storm,” explained Jerry Craig, Executive Director of the ADM Board. These funds will temporarily replace typical fee-for-service contracts that the Board holds with over 25 agencies in the community. “We are asking a lot of our frontline behavioral health workers right now, we want to support their efforts as much as possible while they serve some of the most vulnerable populations in our community,” added Craig. 
In addition, the ADM Board and provider network are working to ensure all areas of our system are able to make adjustments and continue their work. ADM Board is providing technical support and funding for telemedicine. Prevention providers, who would normally be working in the schools, are developing outlets for engaging youth and other at-risk groups. “We are in uncharted territory in so many ways. The services we provide in the coming days and weeks may look different, but we are committed to keeping the lines of communication open with the people we serve to prevent the social isolation that is so common for people who are suffering from mental health or addiction issues,” commented Craig. 
The ADM Board reminds residents who may be feeling overwhelmed or troubled by COVID-19, or any situation requiring emotional support, to call our local 24-hour Mental Health Hotline at 330-434-9144 or use the Crisis Textline- text 4HOPE to 741-741. Additionally, those requiring assistance for substance use issues can call the Addiction Helpline at 330-940-1133 during normal business hours. A full list of providers can be found at

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